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I have heard so many wonderful things about the Wet n Wild products but have not tried them until now. I really didn't want to try them because in the past I've had such bad luck with drugstore makeup brands breaking me out and I didn't feel like taking that risk.

I recently did a swap with another blogger and she wanted to try some Wet n Wild products so I thought I'd get some for myself and see what the hype is all about.
I picked up a shadow palette and two blushes from the Color Icon collection. I was so surprised at the quality of such an inexpensive makeup brand. It is literally the most pigmented eyeshadow and blush I have ever used. The colors are gorgeous as well!
Eyeshadow palette-Comfort Zone

My favorite thing about this palette is the neutral colors on the left side. I saw a makeup tutorial with a gorgeous eyeshadow look at the only shadows she was using were from this Wet n Wild palette so I was definitely sold when I saw that tutorial. I got this palette at CVS for $4.99 I think? Swatches are below! I think they have one or two other palettes like this and also lots of shadow trios! I will definitely be getting some trios

(in natural light)

(regular light)

Pearlescent Pearl Rose(left)
Heather Silk Rose(right) 
They have four different colors in the Color Icon collection, I ended up getting two of the four. I knew I was going to get the Pearlescent Pink one because that is the one I've been hearing about the most. I also chose another one called Heather Silk because I thought it would look nice for a night time makeup look or just the fall time in general. The only thing about this blush is that it is very pigmented so it can start to look crazy, very quick. I would suggest experimenting with this product so you see what I'm talking about. After you just play with it a little bit you'll find what works best for you!

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