Julep Unboxing #2

I know this is late but here is my box for the month! My box was send to my house but I am away at school in a different state so it was sitting at home for a while. I was able to go home over the weekend so I thought I would do this even though this is late! This is my second Maven box and I've unsubscribed for a while because my nail polish/ spending addiction is a little overboard (If you're a frequent reader, you probably know I'm also on a spending ban right now). Both months I have gotten the Boho Glam box which has been perfect for my style. 

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." 
-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

 Here is what I got in this month's box. Two nail polishes and some skin care.

I absolutely love the nail polishes. Of course, I always wear black in the cooler months and this one is called Kristy. The other one is called Tatiana, I'm not even sure how to explain this color it's a sparkly orangey, red, brown, gold. I'll have to do a mani post using this color so you can see how gorgeous it looks on.

The skin care item that I received is a cleansing oil. I've never used one of these before but I have heard amazing things about cleansing oils. I wasn't sure about using it since my skin is so oily and terribly acne prone but actually it doesn't make my skin any more oily than it already is. Surprisingly it cuts down the amount of oil I produce throughout the day. I pump a small amount in my hand and massage it on my (dry) face and wash off with warm water. It takes off all my makeup leaving my skin feeling nice and clean and not irritated like lots of other washes targeted towards acne prone skin. Acne prone, oily skin is really the most sensitive type of skin so drying it out won't help to clear up your skin, it only makes it worse.

If you have any questions or suggestions leave that in the comments sections below! :)
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