Spending Ban Update #2

Day 21:

I'm so excited that I'm actually doing well on this spending ban. As a result, I noticed that I've spent a little more on food. lol. I use to sacrifice food for beauty products and such, I think you other spendaholics can relate. That foundation would be way better than eating. Overall I am not spending near as much as I was, previous to this ban. I haven't even bought one nail polish, which is a huge achievement.

I planned to going on a 30 day spending ban, some of the other girls are going for 60. Even though the spending ban will be over after October 9th I'm not going to go shopping just because I can. It will defeat the whole purpose. This week in general was a lot easier, I didn't even have an urge to go shopping so I think this ban will help me in the long run as well.

Fall time is coming and my birthday was last week so my mom bought me some jeans and a rain coat. The only money I have spent so far is $20 on some perfume since I ran out of mine. I ended up getting Tommy Bahama St. Barts which is quite similar to Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, the one I ran out of. I actually like this new perfume better and I'm super exited it wasn't as expensive. The reason it was only $20 is because I found it at TJ Maxx!

So that is my update! If you want to keep up with me and the rest of the girls you can check out #roseenospend on twitter to see how we are all doing on our ban.

Hope you're having an amazing week:)
Lots of love, 


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