Fashion Pick of the Week: Burgundy Brocade Oxfords

I feel like I show you lots of shoes but I can't help it. I just love shoes. This week is a cool patterned pair of oxford-looking shoes. They are by the brand Seychelles, which are some of the most comfortable shoes you will ever put on your feet. It's hard to find cute, comfortable, affordable shoes. Affordable is the key word, these are $100 but are very worth it and will last a lot longer than those cute shoes you found at Forever 21. I know that it can be very difficult choosing good shoes so I have done the searching for you and will only show you the best of the best. Do you have a pair of Seychelles? If you have any questions about these shoes or anything else you know where to leave them:) Would you wear these?

Be sure and leave your questions or suggestions down below in the comments section!
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  1. I like these shoes a lot, so classic.

    Monique from styleventure


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