Back to School: Outfit Ideas + How to Wear Striped Skinnies

Back to School Outfit Ideas:
Hi everyone! So I've created some back to school looks on polyvore for you! Since it is usually pretty warm when school starts you'll need some outfits that are more summery. I wouldn't worry about getting anything for winter yet. It would be good though to get a few cardigans. They always come in handy! There are a total of 6 looks with shoes and some jewelry. If you want to know more about these pieces then you can click the link below the collage and it will give you all the details!

When shopping, remember that patterns are always fun but its important to get solid colors as well. Patterns tend to be more trendy and won't stay in style very long. I would get a few pair of jeans of different styles and washes. You could also get a solid color skinny jean as well. I have a royal blue pair that I have worn a lot, I got those from Old Navy. Old Navy has some really great jeans, my last 5 or 6 pairs of pants/jeans came from there! If you like skirts or dresses more then don't get as many pairs of jeans.

As far as tops go, I would start with basic layering tanks. They aren't shown here in the collage but for sheer tops, or tops that are low cut you'll need them! Then you can get some graphic tees, I would suggest PacSun and Forever 21 for those. For more girly, dressy tops you can try H&M and Forever 21 as well. When I was in high school I loved going to Forever 21 for back to school shopping. They have so may styles, it will suit almost anyone who walks in there. It's amazing for me because I go through phases and my style changes almost every week.
For more basic and classic pieces that never get old, go to Gap! You'll find your tanks, cardigans and denim jackets there. If you weren't aware, another amazing place to shop is the teen section in Nordstrom. I don't know why it took me so long to discover it but when I did, I fell in love. One year, all of my clothes and accessories came from there.
Shoes and accessories will be in a separate post! They can make or break an outfit and deserve a post to themselves!:) What do you think? Have you been back to school shopping yet? Where do you like to shop?
School Outfit Ideas

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How to Wear Striped Skinnies:
I've seen striped jeans everywhere this summer! These are a really bold choice so if you were needing some ideas for wearing a print like this I've created some outfit ideas on polyvore. I went for a few different style so that everyone could find something they like!:)

The first outfit is pretty casual and for those unique individuals out there, like me:) I paired the striped skinnies with an amazing cat shirt from Forever 21. I added gold pair of flats with gold studs. You can wear a different graphic tee if you don't like cats, hah.
If you are a black and white kind of person, like me, then you'll like this second outfit. I paired the striped skinnies with a black slouchy sweater and some black flats. I showed a second pair of shoes for this outfit which is a pair of baby pink high top converse. I just thought I would be adorable so I had to put it on there! If you need some more color in your life then you could pair them with a bright neon sweater(or any other colors). It is still summer so make sure it's pretty thin so that you don't over heat!
The last outfit is the most girly of the three. I paired the bold skinnies with a light pink peplum top some mint green Cole Haan oxfords. I also added a pastel, statement necklace. What do you think?
If you want more details about these outfits click on the link below the collage.

striped skinnies
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