Back to School: Shoe Shopping!

Shoes are really important when you go back to school shopping. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from! The most important thing is to make sure they are comfortable! Beauty is NOT pain. You don't want to be in pain at school. It already lasts long enough, no need to spend all day being uncomfortable. No fear, you can still have some amazing kicks!:)

Polyvore is so amazing and helps me create these great collages for you guys! I didn't show any, but if you have to get tennies shoes for gym, get them! Don't try to tell your mom you don't need them. This brings me to another important factor, rules! I know it may seem annoying but it is easier to just follow the dress code, don't be a rule breaker. :) All of the links to these products are down below if you want more details or are interested in buying any of these. 

First I want to bring up the Sperry Topsiders I have pictured above. They are about the most comfortable shoe you could ever own. They've got neutral colors, floral patterns, sparkles, stripes, just about anything you can imagine! These are what could be your everyday shoe. I've talked about mine a lot on here. I have a black quilted pair that have so far, lasted me about 4 years (I stopped growing in middle school! hah). When choosing colors made sure you could wear them almost everyday. You don't want a pair of shoes sitting in your closet because it only matches one outfit. 

So you've got your comfy shoes, now you can pick a super cute pair, or a few. Oxfords are so in right now, and they come is so many colors and patterns. Above there is an ivory pair with some cut out detailing. If you aren't into oxfords you can get some nice flats! I've seen lots of pastel colored flats in stores which is great because I think pastels are easier to wear on a day to day basis rather than neon or a bold red or something. I've also seen lots of flats with studs and spikes. I think you could still wear something with studs pretty often. If you want to see more shoes then go to my Back to School: Outfit Ideas post. On there I have a fe pair of shoes with studs and spikes!

Next are boots! I wouldn't worry about these too much unless you just want to get everything at once and not have to shop again or it's not too hot where you are! If your getting your boots, ankle boots are a great choice. Both pairs of ankle boots are from Target, they are between $35-$40.

Lastly are sandals and flip flops! I don't wear them very much because I tend to hurt myself, but I think that's just me. Anyway, sandals are great but I would only get 1-2 pairs because it's not going to stay warm for very much longer, therefore they will just sit in your closet until May or June when the sun comes out again. I get about 2 pairs for summer, both under $20 usually from TJ Maxx. Those last me all through the warm months and I usually end up getting more next year!
$115 -
$58 -

Have you bought shoes for school yet? What kinds?
Let me know in the comments section below:)

Lots of love, 

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