Tom Ford Black Orchid

Hi everyone! I'm not sure why I haven't posted about my Tom Ford lipstick but here it is! There were so many to choose from but I thought I'd get Black Orchid since it is kind of a unique color. There was red and pink and some peachy colors but this stood out to me! Yes it is $50 but you have to splurge sometimes. Let's just start with the packaging, it's gorgeous! The lipstick itself is great too but the only reason I would get another one is if there was a specific color unique to the brand because I feel like it is almost equal to all the other lipsticks out there. Or if you feel like it's time for a makeup splurge then go to the Tom Ford counter. The people that helped me were so nice and weren't just pushy sales people. They really want you to be happy with your purchase. I was wearing this lipstick with a red lip liner in my video about RiRi Woo. By itself it is a gorgeous purple. I haven't worn it very much because it is pretty dramatic and you have to have the right place to wear it to. With the red lip liner, I think you can get away with wearing it more often.

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Do you have any Tom Ford makeup?
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  1. Wow, what a colour, I'd love to see how this looks like on the lips. :) xx

    1. I'm about to post a video with me wearing it! I'll let you know when I post it.


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