My Summer Hair Essentials

After a long summer day the heat and the pool have done their damage. It's almost impossible to get your hair looking decent again. Especially if you color your hair, like I do. I'm not an expert with hair products or anything but I know I'm not the only one who desperately searches for something to save my hair in the summer months. I've finally found a good group of products that have kept my chemically treated hair looking better than ever. The most important thing is consistency. Even though it is time consuming it is really import to upkeep those gorgeous locks! 

If you didn't already know this, it is really important to get hair products formulated WITHOUT sulfates and parabens. I know it is quite annoying to sit there are read through the never ending list of things that are in your shampoo but it will really pay off! These are the products that work great for me.

First I'll start with shampoo, I switch off between the Kenra Platinum Hydrating Shampoo and and the L'oreal Eversleek Reparative Smoothing Shampoo. The Kenra Shampoo is $28 at Ulta. It is my most favorite shampoo ever but I can't use it every day because my hair is super oily and can't handle too much of the hydrating types of products. When I'm not using the Kenra Shampoo I use the L'oreal Smoothing Shampoo, this one is $6.99 which is a much better price! You can get this at places like Ulta or drugstores.

Next is conditioner! I have two different ones. I'm not sure which one I like more but I just switch it up between the two. I think they are around $6 at Ulta and drugstores. 

It is also really important to deep conditioner your hair. The best one I have found is the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, it's literally the best conditioner you'll ever use. There are 3 sizes available a $4 travel size, $15 tube and $33 tub. I have very oily hair so I can only use this when my hair is in desperate need of moisture. I can get 2 uses out of the travel size so sometimes I'll just go by and pick one up and that's all my hair needs for a while. I don't have one on me right now so I'm not sure how long the directions say to leave it in but when I use this I'll leave it in for a good 25-30 minutes when I have time to sit around the house. You could also use your regular conditioner and leave it in your hair for a while but you can really tell when you use a good deep conditioner. 

To give some volume to my board straight hair, I use this Bed Head Totally Baked mousse. My hairdresser started using this on my hair and I fell in love with it! Not only because it really gives my hair some volume but it smells amazing as well. It is the only mousse that doesn't make my hair crunchy feeling. I use one pump at the top part of my hair, not in the roots or it makes it oily. 

Last is this Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Mist. Out of all of my hair products this one is the newest. My hairdresser used this on my hair, it worked wonders, so I had to buy it for myself! Basically what it does is protect your hair from the heat, decreases blow dry time, and gives your hair a nice shine. This is the first product I've used that reduces blow dry time. That's what really got me to buy it. It comes in two sizes, I believe the larger one is $22 and the smaller one is $15. The smaller one has been great for me so far since it doesn't take very much and I tend to switch up my hair products quite often. 

So those are all of the hair products I've been using this summer! If you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments section below. I'm always up for trying new things!

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