Pastel Pink Hair

I recently did a pastel hair trend post (click here to see it) and told you that I was getting my hair pink and I actually did it on Saturday! So here are some pictures while I was getting it done and a few more I took after it was done. I was so nervous the entire time I was getting it done. I was so afraid I wouldn't like it but I love it! I've always been the "different" one but never anything like pink  hair. There are lots of people following the pastel hair trend but I'm still definitely the only one walking around town with a head full of pink hair. Most of my family and friends love it but there are those few who aren't a fan at all. I've been such a serious person for as song as I can remember, but recently I realized that that I should have fun and enjoy the time that I have now while I'm still young and don't have a serious job yet.

So about my hair and the process. My hair dresser lightened my hair a little more so it would be more pink and I had some roots starting to show. She used 2 different pinks on my hair, one of them only she can get at the supply store for hairdressers and the other is 'N Rage Bubblegum Pink. You can get this one at local beauty supplies and yes it actually smells like bubblegum! It looks really bright but the color is perfect! If you want it even lighter you can mix it with some conditioner. After mine fades I think I'm going to mix a little purple in with it to make it more of a purply pink like the pictures I showed in my Pastel Hair Trend post. They didn't have an in between color in the 'N Rage brand so I also bought the Purple Plum color which is pretty dark but I'll only add little bit. I'll post pictures when I re-color it with the purple so you can see how it turns out. All of these pictures were taken with my phone and have no filters so you can see the true color. 
If you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below!
Anyone else have pink hair or other pastel colored hair?
What do you think about it?:)
Lots of love, 


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  1. It looks great! You're really brave, I think I wouldn't have the courage to dye my hair pink. :)

    1. Thank you!:)
      Yeah I was pretty nervous but I love it!

  2. How long did you leave the dye in your hair?


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