Favorite Etsy Shops

I recently fell in love with Etsy because you find so many shops that are hand making their products. Here are a few of my favorite shops!

1. NaturalPrettyThings and ScrappinCop: These are handmade jewelry shops. They specifically do pressed flower jewelry. They also have some beach inspired jewelry with shells and things. Both of the shops are great. I couldn't choose one over the other.
(NaturalPrettyThings on left, ScrappinCop on right)

2. CREATIVEdesignsbyTHAO : This is another jewelry shop. I have purchased a bracelet from this shop recently. It came in the mail fast and I love it! The picture below is the bracelet that I got.

3. Vintage50sEyewearI found this when I was looking for some vintage cat eye glasses. There is
actually more than 50's eye wear, they have a variety from the 50's-90's. There are so many it is hard 
to choose! When I can make up my mind I will be sure to show you the ones I get!
4. AndersonSoapCompany : I haven't bought from them either but this is a top selling shop so I bet their products are great. I'm going to have to buy something and tell you about it! They have such a great selections of soaps at great prices. 

5. DearGolden : This is a vintage shop on Etsy. They have clothes from all different decades. They also have a few accessories like shoes, purses and brooches. I would go check this shop out if you are looking for some vintage pieces in great condition!

If you have any questions or comments leave them below.
Tell me about your favorite shops, maybe I just haven't seen them yet! 
Or if you have one, leave the link below in the comments section, I'll check it out. 
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