Bath and Body Works: Italian Piazza Home Fragrance Collection

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Sorry I've been MIA for a couple days. It's close to the end of the semester so there were tests all week!
As you know, I have been going through this candle phase so I thought so I thought I'd tell you about one of the newest home fragrance collections at Bath and Body Works called Italian Piazza. This came out earlier on the month, there are a total of 7 candles in this collection. 
It actually came out in test stores in the beginning of March. 
I have just smelled these in the store while on the hunt for candles in the past few months. I haven't bought any, although I probably will soon! So what I am going to do is list the seven candles and let you know what I thought about them when I smelled them in the store.
I'll link some YouTube videos below my descriptions that explains each candle better and lets you know a little more about how they burn!

Limoncello: It is a lemon scented candle, I'm not a fan of lemony candles so I didn't like this one. Lemon candles either smell too foody, or like Pine-Sol!

Sicilian Orange: This is citrusy and kind of sweet. It definitely smells like it sounds. I wouldn't normally  like orangey candles but this one is nice and also has some floral notes as well.
Bellini Cafe: When I smelled this, I instantly knew what notes were in this candle. It was a bright apple and sugared grape scent. I think I would like this minus the grape. I really HATE grape scented, flavored anything. Fake grape just makes me nauseated. I read the reviews on this to see what people had to say and most loved it. Others said it was disgusting and smelled like a pure beer candle. People either loved it or hated it. 
Villa Bergamot: This one was one of my favorites. I don't really know how to explain this one. It is warmer than the first two but still a good candle for spring time! This is what it says on the bottom of the candle "Aromatic bergamot grown in the warm and sunny Calabria region of Italy inspired this elegant citrus blend that also includes lavender and geranium."
Tuscan Herbs: If you love the smell of fresh basil and parsley in the herb garden you will definitely love this candle. It is the perfect scent for your kitchen. It is so odd that a basil candle could smell so wonderful!
Gelato: I would describe this as a creamy mixed berry scented candle. I was definitely not a fan of this one. It smells terribly sugary and sort of nauseating.
Espresso Bar: This smells exactly how it sounds. It also has a hint of vanilla, I think that is what made me love it. I'm not sure where I would even use an espresso scented candle. If anyone has this candle tell me about it! 


I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or comments leave them below! If you have any suggestions about what you want me to post you can also leave that down in the comments section!
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