A Lipstick Rediscovered

I was going through my makeup and rediscovered some lipstick I bought last summer. It is actually more of a stain. It is YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Leveres Glossy Stain. I went into Sephora looking for an orangey lip color for a specific dress I was wearing at a wedding. The lady helping me directed me over to the YSL section. I thought, "oh gosh I don't want to spend that much on lip gloss!" This is truly a lip stain because the color won't come off until you take it off with makeup remover. It was $34 but I got it anyway and I'm glad I did. Once you try this, you won't want to buy anything else. There are so many colors to choose from, 30 I think. It was in Allure's Best of Beauty and Beauty Breakthroughs of 2012.

I chose #8 Orange de Chine. There is a doe foot applicator. It is very unique though, it is thin and slightly slanted. There is an area where you can actually see the color of the product inside, it's not colored plastic, it is the actual product. 
When you first put it on it feels quite thin like a lip stain but becomes slightly thicker in seconds. It covers the lips nice and evenly and doesn't sink into the lines on your lips. Even though it is really pigmented it won't erase your lips. You can still see my freckle on my top lip, that is after 3 coats. If you put one coat on it will give you a more natural look and still some gloss. It is the ultimate stain/gloss hybrid! The smell is sort of floral. Staying power it great, the shine wears off in about 4-5 hours but the color stays on all day long. It says through eating, drinking, and hot summers outside in Texas! hahah. Many lipsticks can be drying but this one is sort of moisturizing actually, my lips feel nice all day long. I think I'll be getting a couple more of these soon for everyday use because I can't wear orange everyday! 
If you have any other colors let me know how you like them!
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