Midnight Manicures + My Outfit

It's the end of the day and as you're getting ready for bed you realize your nails certainly needs some work. You suddenly find yourself painting your nails at midnight when you should be sleeping. Friday night my sister and I were preparing for a wedding which was on Saturday night. My sister and her friends found a nail bar that was open until midnight so they insisted that we go, so we went out for a midnight adventure. It was the first time going to this place so I wasn't sure about it at first but it was nice and not crowded so it was fast. It

I got a light pink color on my hands called Italian Love Affair by Opi.

I got a Peppermint Day Dream pedicure. On my toes I got a nude, taupe color called Barefoot in Barcelona  by OPI. (I forgot to take a picture after my toes were painted)

Just an extra little thing, here is my outfit! I love my butterfly shirt, I have worn it so much since a bought it a few months ago. And of course, my black quilted Sperrys! The links to all of these are down below! 

Untitled #25

I hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry I did not post. It was a very eventful weekend for me, both good and bad. I came up with lots of ideas for posts this weekend so I will be sure to get those out to you in the next few weeks.
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