Bridal Shower Attire Assistance

The cold months have gone and wedding season is upon us! Bridal shower attire is almost as hard as choosing a dress as a guest of a wedding. If you keep up with my posts you know I went to a bridal shower over the weekend! I hope this helps those of you who are wanting some direction.
About the same rules apply as if you were going to a wedding. Let the bride shine. This time is for the bride and not for you to compete with the rest of the guests. It is okay to wear some white to the shower. I did an OOTD Bridal Shower post, you can see what I wore. I stuck with black and white and added a  bright colored necklace.
On the invitation it will have important information that will help you choose your outfit. Sometimes it even tells you what to wear. If not, ask other people what they are wearing, there's nothing wrong with that! When choosing your outfit, find out the location and the weather, wear something accordingly. Most are inside someones home or a restaurant. If it is outside wear flats or wedges and bring your sunglasses! 
Find out what is planned for the shower, this also might help you choose what to wear. Showers I have previously attended, I am sitting most of the time, unless of course I'm helping out. Below are some things I've gathered that I think are good for a spring or summer wedding shower for both the guests and the bride-to-be. Below you can also find the links for all of these dresses pictured.

Bridal Shower Outfit Ideas for Guests

Bridal Shower Dress

Alexander McQueen silk dress
$1,920 -

TIBI full skirt dress

Topshop dress

Monki keyhole dress
$59 -


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