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I've only ever done my own makeup before but my sisters friend needed her makeup done for prom so I said yes! I think she normally only wears mascara and a foundation so I didn't want to do too much. I kept it natural but added a little more than she would wear on a daily basis. (The lighting isn't great but you get the gist!)
Before I started putting shadow on I used Mancini concealer/primer on her lids, the corners of her eyes and under her eyes and to brighten them up and make sure her makeup would stay on the whole night! (I'll do a post on Mancini cosmetics soon!) 

First I used Mary Kay's cream shadow in Beach Blonde all over the lid and on the inner corner of the eyes. I also put it under the bottom lash line towards the inner part of the eye. It is great for everybody and doesn't crease and prevents any other shadow you put on top from creasing. I have been using their cream shadow for years!

Then I used the shimmery white in this Maybelline Eyestudio palette (Copper Chic) on her brow bone.

 I put this MK shadow in Honey Spice on the center and outer part of the lid over the cream shadow.

Back to the Eyestudio palette. I used the second color for the crease. I didn't use the applicator that came with it, I used a crease brush. then I used an all over brush and blended down and into the outer part of the lid. 

Next, I used a Mary Kay liner in Bronze on the top and bottom lash lines. I don't like going all the way across on the bottom lash line so I stop about halfway. The liner on both the top and bottom is slightly thicker on the outside edges. 

I went over the liner with a darker shadow by Mary Kay called Espresso using an angled brush. I used this one because it didn't have any glitter or sparkle in it. The eyeliner was a light brown so doing this made it a little darker and softened the lines as well. This also keeps the liner in place. (Tip: If you wet the end of the brush a bit, you will get a better line) I also filled in her brows with this color.

She put on her own mascara and foundation after that! I like doing eye makeup with a clean face so that I can't mess anything else up while I'm doing my eyes. I thought I'd use some blush instead of bronzer. This one is great because it's a peachy pink and gives a nice glow and is easily buildable. It is called Sparkling Cider. It has sort of a gold shimmer so it highlights your face as well. I just used a blush brush by ecotools. 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!:) 
If any of you are going to prom or have already been to prom I'd love to see pictures!
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  1. I see you were drinking you coffee! You have so much makeup!
    Do a make up give away bag!!! and thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

    1. Lol yeah I've sort of taken on a coffee addiction since I started college. I've moved towards decaffeinated now!
      Thanks for the giveaway idea, I might do that once I have more readers! :)


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