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I did this kind of in two parts, the products I'll show you first are things that I have collected in the past month or so and that I have used and liked! Then I have a few Lush products I picked up over the weekend that I haven't tried yet. I haven't been to lush very many times but sometimes I go in there and want to buy the whole store. Other times I'll go in there and hate the smell of everything.  I'm not sure what it is but this past weekend I decided to go in and see if I could find something I liked.

Ingrown hair serum (top left): I got this from a European Wax Center. It is a store product so you won't be able to find it anywhere else. I really do like it. It dries fast, and doesn't smell too bad. I know some of the ingrown hair serums smell pretty bad. 
Field of Flowers by Philosophy (top right): This smells so nice and floral and a bit of sweetness. On the front it says "shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath". I would not use this as a shampoo! It has sulfates in it and they dry out your hair terribly. 
True Blue Spa (bottom left): You get these products from Bath and Body Works. I got a self tanner which is amazing! It says lotion but it is actually a gel. It has a little color when you first put it on but the full color shows in 4-5 hours. I usually do it at night so in the morning it has reached full color. Be sure so wash your hand or they will be orange! As far as the smell goes, it's not bad but not great, as usual. I also got the True Blue mango butter lotion. It is so amazing!!! I love this smell because it is so different than any other mango smelling lotions. It is very creamy and moisturizing but still has a decent drying time. I used this a lot in New York because the wind was really drying on my hands. 
Essie nail polish(bottom right): I got Fiji(pastel pink) and Mint Candy Apple(pastel blue). I got Fiji as an alternative to white because white is a bit stark to me. I saw someone wearing Mint Candy Apple  so I got it. I don't wear it very often but when I do, everyone loves it. I think I'll wear it more come summer months! 
The Mary Kay product on the very bottom is a clear brow gel. I have previously used the Maybelline clear mascara as a brow gel but felt like there were better options out there and I was right! I tried this MK brow gel and it is amazing! It really isn't expensive at all. It was only $10(CLICK HERE TO BUY). I am not fond of most of their other makeup or skincare because it breaks me out terribly. Most people have a good experience with their products though. 
Now to my Lush products!

Trichomania(above) is a solid shampoo that is meant to be creamy and moisturizing. I travel quite often so I though this would be a good idea to take on trips with me. Less liquid to worry about! It says coconut but doesn't initially smell like that. There is another smell that I'm not quite sure of then there's a hint of coconut. They also have conditioners but I wanted to see how this worked before I bought another. 

Sultana of Soap (above) looks like a dessert! It smells sweet and fruity but clean at the same time and is meant to be moisturizing. You can use it as a hand or body soap. You can actually go to the Lush site and see a video of how each product it made. Oh by the way, all of the products at Lush are handmade! 
Last but not least, the Phoenix Rising bath bomb. I have not used a bath bomb before so I decided to get one. I have use a bubble bar though and quite liked it! This one is an apple cinnamon but doesn't smell like Christmas. It has some gold glitter on the top and also a gold dusted cinnamon stick pressed in the top. Lush also has lots of really nice floral and citrus bath bombs and bubble bars if apple cinnamon isn't a smell you like. The bath bombs and bubble bars are quite large so this would be enough to use two times. 

I didn't get it this time but my most favorite thing from lush is the Sunny Side bubble bar! I used them all summer last year because it has a nice clean smell and is loaded with fine gold glitter. It leaves your skin soft and glowing with a little shimmer from the glitter. 

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them below! 
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